Sushumna Nadi Activation – The Spinal Energy Channel Activation

There are 72000 nadis in human body, and the Sushumna Nadi is very important. The ida nadi is located on the left side of the body, the sushumna nadi is located in the centre, and the pingala nadi is located on the right side of the body. All three of these nadis run from the base of the spine to the head. The ultimate objective is to clear these nadis of obstructions in order to achieve perfect relaxation, healing, freedom from toxic thoughts, and perfect creativity.

The Shiva Samhita states that 350,000 nadis emerge from the centre of the navel, while the Katha Upanishad (6.16) mentions 101 channels radiating from the heart. Traditional yoga texts such as the Hatha Yoga Pradipika and Goraksha Samhita mention 72,000 nadis.

During a period of deep meditation in the Himalayan foothills around the year 2005, His Holiness Sri Guru Amit Ray rediscovered the complete framework of all 72000 Nadis. Many of these Nadis are associated with the Cosmic Energy Meditation.

In 2005, for activating the Sushumna Nadi Ray discovered a special type of yoga kriya, which is known as Ray Mayur Sanchalan Kriya.

The origin of the 114 chakras can be traced back to Sri Amit Ray’s long introspective contemplation in the Himalaya. As Sri Amit Ray was engaged in prolonged spiritual fasting and deep meditation in 2005, he had a vision of the 114 Chakars and their relations with the 72000 Nadis.

During deep meditation, when the air no longer flows through the nose, the Prana or the Life-force moves through Sushumna energy channel, and the mind gradually merges with the Life-force and begins to move together.

Ray Mayur Sanchalan Kriya:

In 2005, Sri Guru Amit Ray discovered a special type of yoga kriya known as the Ray Mayur Sanchalan Kriya for activating the Sushumna Nadi. Here, Mayur Sanchalan means opening the feathers (nadis) like a peacock. This is a set of exercises and meditation practices. It activates many subtle energy channels in the body, along with the Sushumna Nadi.

When the peacock fully spreads out its tail feathers, a complete semicircle is created behind it. In a similar manner, the Ray Susumna Nadi Mayur Sanchalan Kriya has the ability to motivate all 72,000 Nadis to spread their wings. The purification of their 72000 nadis has the potential to motivate them to fan their feathers in the same way that a male peacock uses its tail feathers to communicate with other peacocks through vibrational means.

Prana Vayu (breathing) becomes incredibly subtle as the Life-force grows more and more subtle. There are 12 cranial nerve pairs. Each nerve pair splits to serve the two sides of the brain and body. These craninal nerves are connected to the Sushumna Nadi. The Third-eye Chakra activation and the Sushumna Nadi activation are co-related. The mind then becomes much more subtle, merging with intelligence, and blessings begins in the space of the crown chakra.

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Basic Breathing Practice for Sushumna Nadi

When inhaling, visualise air travelling inward from the nostrils to the space in between your eyebrows (the ajna chakra). When you exhale, visualise the breath returning from the ajna chakra to the nostrils’ reims. While your mind and body relax, try breathing back and forth along this central stream.

Ray Mayur Sanchalan Kriya, besides opening the Sushumna Nadi, it purifies a plethora of other energy channels. Joy is what Sushumna brings. As Sushumna’s vital energy flows, it fills the body with joy and happiness.